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Altered dreams

Altered art by Vera Lucia Emerim. Altered books, card holders,albums, ATC, collage and other mixed media artworks.

Location: Araranguá, Brazil

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Altered Book BAST Egyptian Cat Goddess

5-30-2006 UPDATE This book is still at eBay. I lowerd the tarting bid. Click on the title above to go there.

This altered book was done some time ago. It is about Egyptian Cat goddess Bast. The cat was worshipped as a sacred animal in ancient Egypt. Bast is the Egyptian Goddess and protector of cats, women and children. She is the goddess of sunrise. Her goddess duty changed over the years, but she is also known as a goddess of love, fertility, birth, music and dance. She is depicted in art in many different ways. The most common is the body of young woman with the head of a domestic cat sometimes holding a sistrum.
Bast and cats have been a recurrent theme in my art. When I decided to start doing altered book, this book was one of the firsts, which I am now publishing in this blog. It has many prints from my original oil paintings that were never published or sold. They belong to my private collection. I hope you enjoy them. The photos are not very good. And I am sorry about it.
The book has 12 spreads, poetry, information, real photos of ancient Bast’s statues, several kinds of inks, paints, glitter and crackles. Some artworks are painted on the book itself. The last spread is a print from an oil painting and was colored with pencils in the book.
The cover is embellished with Bast’s figures cast in cold porcelain.
If you would like to see this AB at eBay, click on the title above.


Anonymous Hecep said...

Gostei muito das imagens do livro de Bast. São de grande inspiração para todos os amantes de gatos, está lindo!

8:29 AM  

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