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Altered art by Vera Lucia Emerim. Altered books, card holders,albums, ATC, collage and other mixed media artworks.

Location: Araranguá, Brazil

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Home made fabric stiffener

Home made fabric stiffener
2 tablespoon white glue
1 tablespoon water
½ tablespoon alcohol

Mix all the ingredient and use immediately. It cannot be kept. Make only the quantity you need to stiff your fabric. Always remember to try it first on rag or scrap.

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Anonymous Miz Carla said...

Bless your little heart Vera! Thank you so much for this recipe. I needed some stiffner to make some ornaments and was having trouble locating the bottled variety that I used to buy.

thanks doll!!!


10:00 AM  
Blogger veralucia said...

Hi Carla
Hope it helps you.I would love to see the ornaments.

11:23 AM  

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