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Altered dreams

Altered art by Vera Lucia Emerim. Altered books, card holders,albums, ATC, collage and other mixed media artworks.

Location: Araranguá, Brazil

Friday, August 10, 2007

An old passion renewed: The Phantom of Opera

I just watched the movie for the 10th time in the last few days. I really can't imagine where I was since 2004 when the movie was released. Maybe all life troubles I faced that year just didn't let me know about it.
I am a huge Phantom fan since my childhood when I saw the 1927 movie with Lon Chaney and the 1943 version with Claude Rains. Of course, I immediately fell in love with the musical and have been listening to Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman or Sarah and Steve all these years.
But now I am completely in love with Gerard Butler as the Phantom, me and 96% of all women in the world. LOL. The hottest man alive singing my all time favorite music with such emotions. I still cannot believe I haven't found it before!!!! Maybe there was a conspiracy to prevent me from seeing the movie!!!Some people knew I would be watching it over and over and would miss my meals an neglect my art.
Well, I will not . I have been creating thousands of Phantom's paintings in my head. I only extra 24 hours a day to paint them.
And I joined a wonderful community of Phanfan . You can find it at
Stay put for the painting that will be caming in the next months!!!


Anonymous Sarah Whitmire said...

Awesome! I'm going to have to try this. Thanks for sharing!



8:40 PM  

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